Quality Assurance

Every diamond purchased from Lucidrocks.com is examined prior to shipment to ensure it matches the description provided online and in the diamond's accompanying GIA certificate. Lucid Rocks Ltd guarantees that the diamond you receive will be exactly as represented in the GIA diamond certificate.

A diamond certificate assures maximum accuracy and consistency and guarantees the stone's integrity. The certificate ensures the quality of the stone through an independent and objective laboratory of professional diamond experts. The diamond report provided describes a diamond's shape and cutting style, its proportions, finish, clarity, color grades, and symmetry.

You will know exactly what you are buying; every important factor you need to know about the diamond is described in the certificate. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America), is the most reputable laboratory for grading diamonds in the industry. There are numerous reasons we only display diamonds that were graded by GIA.

A diamond that comes with a GIA certificate eliminates the possibility that you might be purchasing a fracture-filled diamond. These are diamonds that have surface cracks which can be artificially filled to appear as much better diamonds than they are. These are, very low-quality diamonds that look great to the naked eye. GIA does not certify these diamonds, whereas some other laboratories do.

A GIA certificate also means that you are not buying a synthetic diamond. Currently, average jewelers have no way of telling if a diamond is natural or man-made; GIA sophisticated laboratory equipment distinguishes synthetic stones and will not grade them.